Friday 17 May 2013


I am so looking forward to Summer it seems to have been a really long Winter, and even though it's Spring  I feel like we are still waiting for the warmer weather to start. I took these few photographs in a friends garden on the one beautiful day that we have had.


  1. I know exactly what you mean, it's been so cold for so long and I can't imagine ever wearing sandals again! However, we did get a fantastic day on Saturday and we are all talking about the sunny day as if it were a huge event!
    Your flower photos are lovely. I especially like the simple shape of the little white flower (the one that looks like a 'wax flower') as it's just how a child would draw a flower, lovely an simple like a Mary Quant flower, super.

    1. Nice weekend here too, I managed to get outside and do a bit of long awaited gardening, but it's back to cold and grey today!! Enjoy the rest of the long weekend Niki. x

  2. Perfect capture! The flower looks simple but still captivating and stunning in its white and pure color. I wish I could have one of those in our garden for a change. But unfortunately, I was never born with a green thumb. Thanks a lot for sharing these beautiful creations. God Bless!

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