Saturday 21 September 2013

The Colour of Ideas

It has been a long time coming but at last I have a solo exhibition which has opened today at the Sale Waterside Arts Centre. It's a small collection of twenty paintings, and I am really delighted with the way the exhibition looks. It is titled The Colour of Ideas which seemed fitting as it has been this blog and the encouragement of my kind commenters, and the blogging community who have inspired me to continue to paint. Also I must give a huge thank you to the Sale Waterside Arts Centre especially Julia Milns who has organised everything for me and Jenny Waterson who encouraged me to apply for the space. And a massive thank you to family and friends who have supported me and being so understanding over the last few months when there has been no housework done, and my constant refusals to coffee invitations (although I have managed a few) and days out.

I also have a website which is now live, thanks to my wonderful husband. There are still some pictures to add to it so it's still a work in progress but nearly finished.

Friday 6 September 2013

Nearly There

There are two weeks to go to the start of my exhibition at The Sale Waterside, all the paintings are done, just a little tweaking to do on a couple of them (I have a problem with this, just don't know when to stop). All the small paintings are framed and I have started to photograph everything for my website which will be live soon!! Here is a better photo of the green painting (no title yet!) and one of the smaller paintings.