Monday, 2 July 2012

Time Management

It is the start of my fourth week looking after Emily and the fourth week of my e course, funny how they coincided. We have had some ups and downs, getting her to take milk from a bottle was a little tricky but she seems to have got the hang of it, and nap times are well established so I can still get on with household chores and have a little breathing space. I was worried that once I was looking after Emily that my painting would suffer from lack of time but thanks to the course I am painting more, I hope when the course is over I can continue with the routine I have established, two full days painting and then extra painting sessions in the evenings. Interesting how there are some parallels in looking after babies and painting, from establishing a good routine to trying out new things like, baby led weaning and new ways of layering up paint. Unfortunately the one thing that has suffered from lack of time is my blog, so I just need to try and factor blog time into my routine. Took some more detail photos of my paintings in progress, I am working on three large paintings but none are finished yet, each of the layers are very transient so now only exist in a photograph. I love taking these close up shots, each one looking like an abstract painting.