Thursday 20 February 2014

Sale Waterside Open

I am very pleased that I have had a piece of my work accepted for this years Waterside Open exhibition. I submitted a small work on paper and I am delighted with how it looks in the exhibition.

It was quite difficult to photograph because the light was behind me, side views seemed to work the best.

The exhibition is diverse as usual, although there is not much sculpture this year, the prize winners this year were mainly painters.

First prize went to Ewa Konior for her painting Garden.

Second prize went to Tilly Dagnall for her painting Maybelline.

The best in Trafford prize went to Julia Milns for her painting Three Trees.
The exhibition is on untill 24th May

Thursday 13 February 2014

Kurt Jackson The Thames Revisited

A short film of Kurt Jackson talking about his latest exhibition The Thames Revisited which was on at The Redfern Gallery.