Wednesday 17 March 2010


Here is some new work that I have just started, I really liked the studio shot but I am stll finding it hard to photograph things, my photography skills are not that good. The painting is oil on paper, I have another painting which is on canvas which I will post when I can take a good photograph of it.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

Cy Twombly

After the talk by Alice Kettle I started thinking about one of my favourite artists Cy Twombly, who also references classical mythology in his work. I have always loved his paintings but had only seen photographs until his major exhibition " Cycles and Seasons" at Tate Modern in June 2008. This was a wonderful exhibiton full of Twombly's most famous works. The favourites for me were The Four Seasons ( spring, summer, autumn, and winter ), Quatro Stagioni ( a painting in four parts ) and the Ferragasto paintings. See more of Cy Twombly's paintings, drawings and sculptures at the Gagosian gallery.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Trafford Artists Network

Here comes the Moon 2004

Went to an inspiring talk by textile artist Alice Kettle. Initially Alice trained as a painter were she was encouraged to work on very large canvasses using lots of colour. Now she makes large mainly figurative embroideries using the medium of stitch created on the sewing machine. A lot of her work references mythology and story telling, she started her talk with a photograph of herself and her two sisters wearing floral dresses and ended with a piece of work she had done about herself and her daughters called the four seasons. In the work she used pieces of material from the dresses worn by herself and her sisters in the old photograph.