Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wild flower Garden

My next door neighbours are currently renovating their house, the garden is one of the last things that they plan to do, so over the past few months nature has been left to run riot and it is beginning to enjoy itself.

I am always amazed how poppies can just appear seemingly from nowhere, a few days ago there was one poppy in their garden and just a few days later there were about a dozen.

Along with yellow daisies, dandelions and some other wild flowers that I dont know the name of it all looks very pretty.

Every morning something new is in flower, I am waiting for a very large teasel to bloom to add some lovely blues to the mix of colours.

Friday, 17 June 2011


Recently I set myself a challenge of taking a photograph a day, I managed 77 days which I was pleased with but for some reason it seems to have come to a grinding halt. It did help a little with inspiration for my painting but I still need to be braver, I want to paint larger but I keep putting it off. Here are some of my favourite photographs from the past few months and some extras that didn't make it onto the blog.

I love the simplicity of this photograph, the dried flower head hanging in mid air showing both fragility and strength.

I gave this the title of roof garden, it is my studio roof and i like the way the moss has just grown from nothing.

This is my easel, I like the residue left from my paintings the paint that collects on knives and palette and drips that land on the floor.

I had a week were I went blue and white mad which I really enjoyed, it was good to have a theme. This photograph didn't make the blog but I took so many there was a lot to choose from.

Loved the brightness of this it's just a collection of buttons threads and beads sitting in a pot that has had paint in it.

Went through a bit of a vintage phase with washed out colours, this is a favourite jug of mine with some of the dried flowers from the first photograph.

This is my radio sat next to some peeling paintwork. I like the ethereal quality of this and the blurriness of the foreground.

Finally I wanted to do some portraiture but didn't get round to it, this is a photograph of my middle daughter taken on a day out at Tatton Park ( a local National Trust house and garden ). There wasn't much colour to it so I decided to make it black and white.