Monday 29 August 2011

Cornwall Part 1

I have just come back from a lovely week in Cornwall, the weather was good and the scenery as you would expect was gorgeous. I had lots of plans of places I wanted to visit, gallery visits, and things to keep us busy, but when we arrived the sun was shining and all we wanted to do was just be outside soaking up the soft sun and gentle breeze.

The first thing we decided to do was the coastal path walk from the village to the next bay, the view was lovely, sea one side and gently swaying grasses the other.

As usual I found some dead plants that I thought looked beautiful silhouetted against the soft colour of the sea.

We were staying in the small village of Charlestown on the south coast it was very quiet with the odd boat bobbing in the harbour.

The following day we visited the much busier town of Fowey, with it's narrow hilly streets, brightly coloured bunting, flowers growing in the street walls, busy harbour, and very lovely cream teas!!

I think that's enough for my first post, my one regret is that I should have taken more photographs, but maybe it's nice that some things only exist in your memory.


  1. I just want to dive into that blue sea in the first photo. There is a lovely vintage feel to the shot too. I'm jealous, its 11 degrees up here in Scotland today!

  2. Yes the sea was a very lovely colour and seemed to change in different lights ranging from pale blues to deep greens, and it was lovely and clear. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love Cornwall and your beautiful photos have reminded me so. I can get so caught up photographing everything that I fail to be in the moment, so maybe it's best that you enjoyed the sun and scenery and didn't record it all!

  4. Yes sometimes I am so busy looking for that one good shot that I miss what's going on around me. I often try to write things down, how a place feels and colours, but it is so tempting just to pick up the camera. I should do more sketching, I have become a bit lazy!! Thanks for commenting.