Thursday 31 March 2011

Joan Snyder: A Year In The Painting Life

High on Pink 2004

Joan Snyder is a painter not hugely well known in the UK, I don't think she has ever had an exhibition here which is a great shame. I stumbled upon her work a few years ago when I saw a painting of hers used as an illustration for a book cover, liked it and decided to find out more about the artist. Initially the internet was lacking in information but over the past five years things have improved and she even has her own website.
Joan Snyder has worked extensively since the 1970's mainly showing in New York. She is recognised for making expressive paintings imbued with narrative, symbolism, politics and gender, and for her luscious vivid colours and use of collaged elements such as fabric, dried flowers, herbs, beads and paper mache. As well as using acrylics, oils and pastels she also slashes stuffs and sews her canvases.

Cherry Fall 1995  

Her most recent exhibition of paintings " A Year In The Painting Life " was held at the Betty Cuningham Gallery in New York. The exhibition is of paintings completed in the past 365 days, there are 15 in total.
The largest painting and centre piece of the exhibition is almost 18 feet long, which I think is an amazing feat for someone who is 70

The Fall With Other Things In Mind 2009

Some of her other recent exhibitions have intriguing titles such as: Women Make Lists, Seeking The Sublime, The Nature of Things and In Times of Great Disorder. Often described as feminist Art which is clearly important to her but it goes beyond this and encompasses a lot more, her family life, her Jewish heritage, love, sex and the cycle of life and death.

Rosebuds/White Field 2009  

Women Make Lists 2001

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