Tuesday 2 September 2014

New Work

I have been working on something new, here are a few glimpses.


  1. Absolutely s t u n n i n g. Love the look for this new phase.

    Sandra, I'm working on a commission of a collection of new textiles and the company Im doing it for have sent me a list of questions about myself so clients can get a better feel about the person behind the designs. One question asks 'One to Watch'. I know you are an artist and work on canvas & paper but can I put you down as ''One To Watch because I've always felt your work would translate fantastically into silks and heavier linens too. Its just a way of letting people see other peoples work that they may not have come across. Let me know if thats ok - I just need to add a url so I would add your blogspot web ie this one.

    1. Thats absolutely fine Niki and such a huge compliment. How has you summer been, good I hope. I am trying to get back to blogging but still finding it hard, also I haven't done much work this year apart from this painting which I seem to have been working on for months. I have noticed that you are getting your work into quite a few shops and a new commission so congratulations for all of that.

  2. Thanks Sandra, that's super.

    I'm actually the same, I've not been near my blog and interestingly my latest stockists have contacted me via either instagram or twitter rather than the blog.

    This Summer has been focused on family for various reasons but I am planning on getting back to being more proactive in the design world this Autumn.

    You may have taken ages on your recent work but its been worth while! It's looking gorgeous and I love the images of the work hanging on bulldog clips rather than framed. Fantastic Sandra.

    Have a lovely weekend x

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