Tuesday 20 December 2011

Gillian Ayres

Feeling starved of paint and colour at the moment, and  in need of a vibrant painterly lift, I went looking for the work of abstract painter Gillian Ayres. Bright, bold, patterned and thick luscious paint, I love them.

Also found a video of three paintings that were displayed at Tate Britain to celebrate her 80th Birthday in 2010. Watch it on YouTube on full screen it's well worth it the paint is amazing.

You can see her work here and here


  1. Although I've seen her work many times Sandra, thank you for finding that film. I had never quite appreciated the scale of her paintings before that and what a fantastic application of paint. All those layers and colours oozing into each other. I watched it full screen like you suggested and loved it.

  2. I love the way the camera gets really close so that you can see how thick some of the paint is. I am glad that you enjoyed it and thanks for your comment.