Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Retrospective 1

Looking at Trevor Bells work last week reminded me of some old work of my own, before I started painting embroidery was my passion ( not hand stitching I am far to impatient ) I loved my Bernina sewing machine which I still use from time to time. The last real piece of machine embroidery that I produced was inspired by a day trip to the peak district in autumn, it was a very sunny day the sky was a brilliant blue and all the trees were a bright orange. I produced a whole body of work from this starting with small sketches in pastel which then moved into designing accumulating in a machine embroidered piece, all the fabric I used including the felt was hand dyed or painted. The piece of work no longer exists in its original form which was originally a metre long but has now been cut up to make smaller framed pieces, maybe this work is still evolving and hasn't finished it's journey yet.

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