Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jennifer Durrant

I first came across the work of Jennifer Durrant when browsing the Art First website, I had not heard of this artist before so did a quick search on her name and was even more surprised I had not heard of her because she is a Royal Academician. A non-figurative painter who was made a member of the Royal Academy in 1994 known for large canvases of brightly coloured abstract forms. In 1999 she moved to Italy and there followed a period of inactivity due to family circumstances and no studio space. When she started to work again it was in a small space, work became smaller, circles, dots, lines and collage in gouache and acrylic. Inspiration came from her observations of nature and the landscape and notes made of visits to churches and museums. There is a new exhibition of her work at the Richmond Hill gallery which starts on the 8th May.

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