Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Days Out.

As we are not going away this year a few days out were called for, a week was allocated and regardless of the weather we were going out. Our first visit was to the Grizedale Forest in the Lake District, the weather was mixed but we did manage to fit in a 4 mile walk without getting wet and as usual it took us twice as long because I kept stopping every few yards to take a photo!

All those amazing views and most of my photographs are close-ups of plant life.

I did manage to get the odd shot of some trees but I was a little disappointed with the results, I really do need a zoom lens for my camera.

There were so many beautiful wild flowers and some lovely grasses.

The following day we set off for Wales, we had a brief stop for coffee in Conwy then headed for Beaumaris on the Isle of Anglesey.

I was feeling a little tired of taking photographs unfortunately, and my daughter kept pinching the camera because she has started her own blog, so now there will be two of us stopping to photograph!! We went into the castle which had dark passageways to explore.

The pretty town had lots of lovely bunting, and the old court house had some interesting doors with peeling paint and rusty bits.

There was a lovely flower shop I wanted to buy lots of plants but we decided it probably wasn't practical.

And some pretty houses, we liked the bright pink one!

We went for a short drive from Beaumaris to Red Wharf bay and  could not believe the change in the weather we went from bright blue skies and brilliant sunshine to grey, misty and damp in just a few miles, but it was quite atmospheric.

Will have to stop there I am blogged out, part two of days out later in the week. I hope everyone is enjoying there summer and hopefully soaking up some inspiration somewhere.


  1. Lovely photos- hope you continue to enjoy this:)

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog annamaria and leaving a comment, I love the summer and the holidays, I hope the good weather lasts a little longer.

  2. I haven't been to Grisdale in ages - you've reminded me that I must!

    1. Yes it was lovely Claire, well worth a visit.