Friday, 20 January 2012

Table of Thoughts

Not a very productive week this week, for some reason I couldn't concentrate. I had planned on doing some outdoor photography with my new camera but it has rained constantly since Wednesday, and unfortunately I was busy on the lovely frosty mornings at the beginning of the week. Here are some photographs of work in progress and my table of thoughts.


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    1. Thanks Anna, I hope next week is more productive.

  2. I feel like I am reading my dairy reading this post. I've had exactly the same week but yesterday went out and photographed a whole lot of dead seed heads (with my new macro lens) and I cant believe it but I shot a hydrangea and the EXACT little delicate seed head you have picked too! I only wish I could paint like you though. Your work is stunning. Might you add an online shop to your page soon?

  3. This made me smile Niki because even though I have a new camera it doesn't do macro very well, so I have decided I need a macro lens. However the cost of the lens is as much as the camera so I will have to wait. That seed head is so lovely, and I love hydrangeas. Yes I have thought about opening an online shop and will probably do it fairly soon when I have enough work.