Friday, 25 November 2011

Autumn Walk to Clover Field II


  1. Your paintings are so beautiful - your breaking my heart with such loveliness! And I'm not just buttering you up because I want a favour... I used one of your fig paintings as colour inspiration for a pattern i designed today. Do you mind if I blog it with credit to you on it?
    Claire :)
    PS Are you selling any of these? Or would you be interested in trading like for like perhaps?
    PPS I think you'd like this website

  2. That's absolutely fine Claire I don't mind at all, and thanks for all your very encouraging comments. I do want to sell but want to do a few more paintings first so that I can get a good portfolio together. Thanks for the link some very lovely work, all those gorgeous stitches :)

  3. I looked in the comment box under the fig painting forgetting I'd put it here! Doh. I am feeling full of cold - that's my excuse.
    Thanks for the Ok :)

  4. These are pretty, yet a bit "colder" than the previous ones - that's how important is colour in our lives.

  5. Yes I think there is a much more wintry feel to this piece, perhaps I was thinking of things to come.